Dreamlives of Debris

Composer and director Gene Coleman. Photo: Nick Lerman

Sun, Jun 18, 2017

Logan Center for the Arts
Performance Penthouse
915 E 60th St

Free, no booking required

Philadelphia-based composer Gene Coleman returns to the Renaissance Society for a dynamic performance of material from a new forthcoming media opera.

Featuring acclaimed bass-baritone Nicholas Isherwood and Ensemble N__JP, Dreamlives of Debris is based on a novel by Lance Olsen that reimagines the myth of the Minotaur and labyrinth. While drawing on the lasting power of the myth, brought to life here by Isherwood’s voice, Coleman also integrates cultural sources as varied as Japanese Bunraku theater, manga, Monteverdi’s operas, and neuroscience research.

The works will be staged by renowned director Luca Veggetti, known for his magical use of movement and light, and conducted by Rei Hotoda.