Sep 14, 2015

Nora Schultz at EXPO CHICAGO

Nora Schultz, Parrot’s Mind Model Magazine (1), 2014

During Parrot’s Mind Model Magazine—Performance, which took place in February 2014 on the final day of Nora Schultz’s solo exhibition at the Renaissance Society, the artist produced a series of unique works that are available to purchase this week at EXPO CHICAGO.

Working with five assistants, Schultz repurposed materials from her installation by pulling individual elements into an orchestration of improvised printmaking that spanned the entirety of the gallery. Paint applied to surfaces of industrial materials were used as stamps, objects became rolling pins, box cutters were used to make stencils, photographs of the process were taken, printed, and reincorporated into the flurry of activity, all of which were then arranged into two-dimensional collages Schultz refers to as “magazines.”

Stop by our EXPO CHICAGO booth to view the works alongside video documentation from Schultz’s performance and copies of her Renaissance Society publication, Parrottree.

There are eleven unique framed works in this series, and prices range from $4,000 to $4,500. For more information, contact Yuri Stone by email or 773 834 3597.