Chicago By Night: A Ballet in Eight Harmless Insinuations

  • Sat, Apr 4, 1936
    (This event has already happened.)

    Mandell Hall

    From the event announcement by Inez Cunningham Stark:

    Music by Emily Boettcher, choreography by Berta Ochsner, and decor by John Pratt, preceded by Berta Ochsner in solo recital, Emily Boettcher at the piano, at the Mandel Hall on the night of Saturday, April fourth. at 8:30

    To be an authentic art from, the dance, no less than literature or painting, must reflect its time and place. It must express, in essence, the contemporary life of the time and country from which it springs, without losing those universals which have belonged to the race of man in all times and countries. Choreography, music, and decor must form a unity so closely knit that it passes unmarked. All these elements have been caught and understood by Berta Ochsner, Emily Boettcher, John Pratt, and the members of Berta Ochsner’s dance troupe. The Renaissance Society takes pride in presenting the contemporary ballet Chicago by Night. Its implications range from the amusing to the profound. Implicit in its movements are the beauty and the ugliness of a great modern city and the fact that its talented collaborators are not unmoved by the wonder of America’s place in the world and Chicago’s place in America.