Table Read – The Dramatic Circle by Adrienne Kennedy, Directed by Pope.L

Photo by Robert Chase Heishman

  • Photo by Robert Chase Heishman

  • Sun, May 21, 2023
    (This event has already happened.)

    For this closed-door workshop-style table read, Pope.L directs seven actors in an experimental rendition of “The Dramatic Circle” by the renowned black playwright Adrienne Kennedy.

    Kennedy’s one-act play is a mix of genres: It’s a love story, a thriller, an episodic novel, a mystery play about two African-American women set in London, 1961, but it feels like the 19th century. “The Dramatic Circle” follows Alice and Suzanne Alexander who become caught up in a web of intrigue involving Frantz Fanon, Dracula, Napoleon, and a Dr. Freud-like figure.

    This reading, staged inside of the Ren’s current exhibition, was commissioned at the invitation of Bruce Hainley and Shahryar Nashat, who selected this play.

    Directed by Pope.L

    Alice Alexander: TayLar
    Suzanne Alexander: Kristin E. Ellis
    David Alexander: Jeff Parker
    Dr. Freudenberger: Joseph Primes
    The Ambassador: Tony Castillo
    Patient 1: Jaye Ladymore
    Patient 2: Anthony Irons

    Casting Director: Becca McCracken

    Sound Engineer: Ralph Loza
    Stage Manager: Michael Harrison

    “The Dramatic Circle” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.