Painting from the Inside Out

  • Sat, Apr 18–Sat, Apr 11, 1992
    (This event has already happened.)

    Carl Hammer wil present and discuss a mixture of artists: Tim Anderson, Tony fitzpatrick, Lee Godie, Mr. Imagination, Mike Noland, John Snyder, and Bill Traylor, to name a few. Traditionally, high art has held an artist’s awareness and intentions as the most basic rquirement for inclusion in Art History, excluding such american masters as Bill Traylor or Elijah Pierce because they didn’t “know” what they were doing; now, Art with a capital “A” is being defined less and less in terms of “fine art” and more and more in terms of “the culture.” Mr. Hammer’s keen insights on art afford a unique perspective on painting, and will enlighten one’s traditional understanding of artist’s technical skills, creative visions, and tastes.

    Carl Hammer is the Director of Carl Hammer Gallery.

    This lecture is the third in a four-part lecture series on contemporary art in Chicago.