Artists at Work

  • Tue, Jan 25, 1972
    (This event has already happened.)

    Quantrell Auditorium, Cobb Hall, University of Chicago

    Two evenings of films in which great modern artists are seen at work in their studios or out of doors will be shown at Quantrell Auditorium, Cobb Hall.

    The first evening, devoted to American artists, will feature Moses Soyer: Paintings in a Low Voice; John Marin; Jackson Pollock; Willem de Kooning; and Seymour Lipton.

    The second evening will feature Rodin: The Burghers of Calais; Georges Braque; and Alberto Giacometti.

    Many of these films have already become classics and this series is a rare opportunity to see them together and to compare the methods of working and the thought processes of major modern masters of painting and sculpture.