Karen Stackpole

  • Sun, Feb 13, 2005
    (This event has already happened.)

    Metalwork: Music for Gongs (2000) leaves no mind unblown. This San Francisco-based drummer/percussionist specializes in gongs and soundscapes. In her explorations of metals, she has cultivated some special techniques for drawing harmonics out of tam tams with various implements: rubber mallets, felt and yarn mallets, ball chains, cello bow, kitchen utinsels, and other small objects. In addition to solo work, Stackpole currently performs and records with the improvising quartet Vorticella, the Left Coast Improv group, Ghost in the House, and gongs/metal duo Euphonics. Active in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles creative music scenes, she has collaborated with Gino Robair, Jack Wright, Myles Boisen, John Shiurba, Chris Heenan, Steve Roden, Rod Poole, Tucker Dulin, and John Schott among others. Given the gallery’s dynamic acoustics, this is not one to miss.