Essential Qualities of Works of Art

  • Tue, Jan 23, 1917
    (This event has already happened.)

    From the Society’s meeting minutes:

    A lecture before the members of the Renaissance Society and their friends was delivered in Harper Assembly Room, Tuesday evening, January 23, 1917, by Mr. Frederick W. Gookin, of Chicago: Essential Qualities in Works of Art. After reviewing his definition of art, Mr. Gookin illustrated certain requisites of a work of art, rhythm, congruity, etc., by reference to some fifty or sixty of his own very valuable prints by Sunsho, Hiroshige, and other masters of the Japanese print. Mr. Gookin also exhibited some of his own very old and rare kakemono.

    The attendance was 92. Many stayed after the lecture inspecting prints, asking questions, and discussing points with Mr. Gookin. The exhibit closed at ten o’clock.

    Frederick W. Gookin (1853-1936) served as the first curator of the Clarence S. Buckingham Collection of Japanese Prints at the Art Institute of Chicago.