Opening Celebration, Lecture

Exhibition of Oriental Antiquities at Haskell Oriental Museum

  • Fri, May 20, 1921
    (This event has already happened.)

    Location: Haskell Oriental Museum

    From the exhibition invitation:

    You are invited to attend an exhibition of oriental antiquities—monuments, documents, and works of art—brought back from Egypt and Western Asia by the first expedition of the Oriental Institute of the University, to be given in Haskell Oriental Museum beginning Friday evening, May 20, 1921.

    Before the opening of the exhibition, Mr. James Henry Breasted will discuss the more important monuments with lantern slides in Haskell Assembly Room, at eight o’clock. Following the lecture, the exhibition on the second floor of Haskell Museum will be open for inspection. Members of the Museum staff will be present to answer questions.

    The exhibit will continue for two weeks after the opening.

    The exhibit includes many royal monuments of stone, rare mortuary statuettes, and relief sculptures; extensive series of carved stone vases of the fourth millenium B.C., the Timins collection of alabasters, and of prehistoric stone implements; wooden furniture, statues, and tomb equipment; magnificent series of bronzes, weapons, glazed ware, the earliest known glass vases, papyrus manuscripts, including the Papyrus Ryerson and Papyrus Milbank; the Royal Annals of Sennacherib and Nebuchadnezzar, and many other things.

    Mabel Banta Beeson

    James Henry Breasted was an archaeologist and the founder and director of the Haskell Oriental Museum, which became the Oriental Institute.