Lecture Series

  • Tue, Apr 5–Thu, May 5, 1927
    (This event has already happened.)

    From the event announcement:

    The new University Chapel now rising will be not only a brilliant work of art among the University buildings and in the midst of the civic community, but also a signal example of a current revival in the religious arts which bids fair to become an important factor in American culture In furtherance of the project to center the program of the year upon the chapel and the movement of which it is a part, the directors are please to announce the following exhibit lectures.

    On Tuesday evening, April the fifth
    “The Cathedral and the commune in the Middle Age”
    By Professor Ferdinand Schevill
    This illustrated lecture will display the background of civic and ecclesiastical life in the great age of Gothic building.

    On Tuesday evening, April the nineteenth
    “The Structural Character of the University Chapel”
    By the Reverend Von Ogden Vogt
    The model of the Chapel, together with illustrations of plans, the completed design, and progress of the work, will describe its architectural character in comparison with certain prototypes and with other current work.

    On Thursday evening, May the fifth
    “The Decorative Plastics of the Chapel”
    By Professor Edgar J. Goodspeed
    The categorical symbolism of the sculptured figures selected by the University will be explained. It is expected that models and one or more executed works in stone can be viewed at close range before placement in the building.

    These meetings of the Renaissance Society will be held in the theater of Ida Noyes Hall at eight o’clock on the evening specified.