Brad Brickner, James Falzone, and Tomeka Reid

  • Thu, Oct 2, 2008
    (This event has already happened.)

    Bond Chapel

    For his first Society concert, Brickner, a Hyde Park native, aced a bill of Twentieth Century solo clarinet classics by the likes of Vincent Persichetti, Shulamit Ran, Burton Beerman, Elliot Carter, Paul Harvey and Igor Stravinsky. That was a warm up. This time he is back with friends who constitute greater fire power. Falzone, an outstanding clarinetist and composer, will be on hand to co-perform his work Sema for two clarinets. Reid, having appeared on bills and recordings with a who’s who of the young Chicago Jazz scene, is a bona fide staple on a scene bursting with talent.

    Brad Brickner (clarinet), James Falzone (clarinet), and Tomeka Reid (cello)