Apr 5–Apr 30, 1937

International Moderns

From the exhibition announcement, written by Inez Stark:

The President and board of directors of the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago announce an exhibition of paintings from the collection of Mr. M. Martin Janis of Buffalo, New York, Monday, April 5 until April 30 inclusive.

In giving the Renaissance Society and its friends the pleasure of seeing these pictures Mr. Janis is animated by the same spirit which urged him in collecting them, i.e. an understanding and enthusiasm for contemporary expression in art. Included in the exhibition are paintings by Miro, Mondrian, Modigliani, De Chirico, Juan Gris, Peter Blume, Klee, Lêger and others. Each is a fine example of its kind and though diverse schools are represented in the exhibition they are related by the common blood of contemporaneousness so that that John Marin and Modigliani consort peacefully on the walls.