Nov 5–Nov 30, 1937

Paintings by Josef Albers and E. Mistrik de Monda

From the exhibition announcement:

The President and board of directors of the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago announce an exhibition of paintings by Josef Albers and E. Misztrik de Monda, loaned by the Katherine Kuh Gallery, November 5 to November 30, daily, including Sunday, from 2 unitl 5, 205 Wieboldt Hall.

To make the exhibition more interesting we are glad to reprint the following paragraphs by Mr. De Monda:

“In this nonrepresentational painting of mine, neither ‘cubist’ nor ‘surrealist,’ I start out from what are the essential bases of all painting: the two-dimensional plane and the media of color and form. I try to confine myself consistently to these means of expression. For by these means it is possible to raise painting to a reality of its own which has its own laws.

The purpose of painting is neither to describe, to represent, nor to symbolize The purpose of painting is to project on a plane a significant arrangement of color-forms. Freed from the burden of imitation, the creative imagination can evolve compositions forceful enough to compete with our impressions of all the other realities.”