Feb 9–Mar 3, 1963

The Daniells in India, 1786-1793: 18th Century English Watercolors of India

From the exhibiton brochure:

The Daniells in India, 1786-1793 is a collection of exotic watercolors by Thomas Daniell and his nephew William, who were among the first British professional artists to visit India. From 1786 to 1793 the Daniells traveled into the remote areas of India recording the land and the monuments of the people in vivid wash and watercolors. Their numerous sketches are the first representations of many Indian monuments ever brought to England. Interpreting the Indian scene with bright delicacy, these watercolors exemplify the vogue for the opulent which influenced 19th century British culture.

This exhibition is circulated by the Smithsonian Institute. It is presented in collaboration with the Committee on Southern Asian Studies of The University of Chicago.