Oct 1–Jul 22, 1978

Thick Paint

Joan Thorne, Ble, 1977.

  • Joan Thorne, Ble, 1977.

  • Cynthia Carlson, Wallpaper for Cleopatra’s Bedroom: Homage to Grandma Prisby, Variation 3, 1977-78.

  • Joan Thorne, Ble, 1977.

  • Joan Thorne, Detail of Ble, 1977.

  • Rodney Ripps, Untitled, 1977.

  • Rodney Ripps, Detail of Untitled, 1977.

  • Harmony Hammond, Rosetta, 1977.

  • Margo Margolis, The Grave Stepchild, 1978.

  • Martha Diamond, Hill (Red), 1977.

  • Howardena Pindell, Untitled 19, 1977.

  • Elizabeth Murray, Pink Spiral Leap, 1975.

  • John Torreano, Stardust.

  • Coming as a reaction to the thin, impersonal, surfaces of minimalism, pop art and color-field painting, “Thick Paint” returns to familiar modes of “painterly” handling of pigments, while opening new paths to expression. While all of the nine young New York artists in this exhibition use thick paint, they re not linked by any common style. Thick paint is the hallmark of much classic art in which plastic pigment evokes imagery without sacrificing its own sensuous appeal. These new thick painters, however, are abstractionists. Paint is the main message.