Oct 8–Nov 8, 1940

Modern Chinese Paintings

From the exhibition announcement:

The President and Directors of the Renaissance Society announce an

Exhibition of Modern Chinese Paintings by Jên Po-Nien and the Monk Hsu Ku who both died in 1895

loaned by Mr. and Mrs. Harley Farnsworth MacNair

October 8 to November 8, 109 Goodspeed Hall Daily, except Sunday, 9 to 12 and 2 to 5

“Eight Crazy Men of Yan Chan” were a group of artists who broke away from Chinese tradition in the early 19th century and turned to impressionistic paintings. The men created quite a furor in Chinese artistic circles. Their fame spread. Apostles appeared. Today in Goodspeed Hall the gently brushed works of two apostles are on display for your pleasure—among them Pine Tree Rats and Pine Tree Leopards (squirrels to our readers)—by the artist monk Hsu Ku. On a canvas buy a second apostles, Jen Po-Nien, appears the caption “Offered to the benevolent elder brother, Sung Fu, to patch the wall of his study.” The inscription is in Chinese. Translation courtesy the Renaissance Society per Mrs. Morse. The paintings, on exhibition weekdays from 9 to 12 A.M. and 2 to 5 P.M., until November 8, are loaned by Dr. and Mrs. Harley MacNair.

This exhibition was part of the University of Chicago’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

Jên Po-Nien: 1839–1895 Monk Hsu Ku: 1840–1895