Sepp FrankEtchings

Text by Friedrich Wassermann:

Sepp Frank’s work is of great variety as to subject matter and technique. It comprises oil paintings, murals, stained glass, and etchings. Like some of the old masters, he is both artist and artisan, and in addition a scholar, well versed in history, literature, and music. Not bound by any one style or technique, he is striving for adequate expression of the beautiful and divine in man and nature.

Born in 1899, Sepp Frank is a son of Bavaria. The people of this country by the highways across the Alps spatially, and by the Catholic Church spiritually, have been kept in touch wth Italy and with Rome throughout their history. Besides this deep undercurrent, Gothic and Renaissance art and spirit seem to have influenced the development of Frank’s work. Love and understanding for great historic buildings made him a student of architecture before he found his way to painting. He is best known for his graphic work which is the subject of the present exhibition.