Oct 18, 2023

Book Launch Events: Meriem Bennani: Life on the CAPS

On the occasion of her 2022 exhibition at the Ren, we co-published Meriem Bennani’s Life on the CAPS—her first comprehensive monograph—in partnership with Bidoun. For our friends near and far, there are two upcoming book launch events to celebrate the book in Paris and New York.

The first will be on Friday, October 20 from 3-5pm at PARIS INTERNATIONALE with After 8 Books. The program will include a conversation with Myriam Ben Salah and Meriem Bennani.

The second one will be on Friday, November 3 at 7pm at CARA in New York City. The event will include a conversation between Meriem Bennani and writer, translator, and curator Omar Berrada, and a reading from Elvia Wilk.

Life on the CAPS is Meriem Bennani’s first comprehensive monograph and includes essays by writers Emily LaBarge and Elvia Wilk, alongside conversations with Omar Berrada, Fatima Al Qadiri, Amal Benzekri, Aziz Bouyabrine, and Bidoun.

The final chapter in her film trilogy of the same name, Life on the CAPS is set in a supernatural, dystopian future surrounding a fictional island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The work is rooted in Bennani’s research and reflections on the histories of island societies, biotechnology, and vernacular music.

Published by the Renaissance Society and Bidoun.