Everybody needs at least one window

Isa Genzken, 1992

Out of print

1992, 149 pp., 11 color, 241 b/w illustrations, paperback

ISBN 3-88375-159-6

Essays by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh and Paul Groot Text in German and English

“The entire art system urgently needs a vacation.” -Isa Genzken

A student at the dynamic Dusseldorf Academy during the 1960s, Genzken has since consistently challenged Modernist imperatives in her explorations of the relationships between public and private space, light and temporality, artistic autonomy and collective experience. This catalogue is a comprehensive review of Genzken’s work—which includes sculpture, film and photography—from the late 1970s to 1992. In addition to photographs of Genzken’s sculpture installations, the catalogue includes a photographic narrative of an extended hospital stay and documentation of the making of her film, Chicago Drive. Buchloh’s essay traces the development of Genzken’s work within the internationalizing, self-critical conditions of post-War Germany and illuminates the significance of her work in the pivotal decades of early postmodernism.

Published in conjunction with Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln