Examples of Religious Art from the 4th Century to the Present Time: Works in Exhibition


Santa Maria Maggiore, The Passage of the Red Sea, Rome, Fourth Century

Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna, Head of Christ the Good Shepherd, Fifth Century, Courtesy of The Art Institute

Rouault, The Crucifixion, French, Courtesy of Mrs. John Alden Carpenter

El Greco, Coronation of the Virgin, Spanish, Sixteenth Century

Artist Unknown, Descent From the Cross, Northern French, Fifteenth Century

Filippino Lippi, Virgin Adorning the Child, Florentine, Fifteenth Century

Gerard David, Virgin and Child with Angels, Flemish, Fifteenth Century

Professor G. L. Meyer, El Greco, Munich, Courtesy of Mr. Max Epstein

Fugita, Crucifixion, French

Redon, Christ, French

Alfeo Faggi, St. Anne, American

Alfeo Faggi, St. Catherine, American

Alfeo Faggi, St. Margaret, American

Artist Unknown, Christ and the Flowers

Artist Unknown, St. Anne and the Angel Gabriel- Annunciation

William E. Schumacher, Virgin and Child, American, Courtesy of Mrs. Frank R. Lillie

Ivar Johnsson, Head of David, Swedish, Courtesy of The Swedish Arts and Crafts Society

Milles, Angel, Swedish, Courtesy of Mr. Dell Quest

Mainardi, Adoration of the Child, Late Fifteenth Century

Jacob Cornelis van Amsterdam, Virgin and St. John, Late Fifteenth Century

Chiodarolo, Madonna and Child, Bologna, Early Sixteenth Century

Flemish School, Annunciation, Fifteenth Century

School of Siena, Madonna and Child with St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Augustine, Fourteenth Century, Courtesy of Mr. Martin A. Ryerson

Chinese- Sung Dynesty, Rohan, 900

Leaf from Original Gutenburg Bible, Noble Fragment, 1450

Catalogue of the Collection of Jules S, Bache, Esq., Courtesy of Mr. Martin C. Schwab

Artist Unknown, Alter Ornament, Old Spanish, Courtesy of Mrs. Inez Cunningham

Lorenzo Nicolo de Gerini, Virgin and Child, Florentine, Fifteenth Century, Courtesy of Chester Johnson Galleries

Alfeo Faggi, Life of St. Francis, American, Courtesy of University of Chicago

Andrea Meldolla (called Il Schiavone) , The Flight into Egypt, Venetian, Sixteenth Century

Buonconsiglio, Madonna, Venetian, Sixteenth Century

The Master of St. Veronica, Christ on the Cross, German, Fifteenth Century

Jacobello di Bonomo, Madonna and Child, Venetian, Fourteenth Century

Lucas Cranach the Elder, Crucifixion, German, Sixteenth Century

Scheibe, Holy Man on Donkey, German, Courtesy of Mr. Charles H. Worcester

Artist Unknown, Seated Rohan, Korean, Fifteenth Century

Artist Unknown, Seated Monju- Goddess of Wisdom, Chinese, Sixteenth Century

Artist Unknown, Standing Jizo, God of Children, Japanese, Seventeenth Century

Artist Unknown, Trinity- Buddha, Manyu, and Fugen (God of Integrity), Chinese, Sixteenth Century

Artist Unknown, Amida Buddha Riding on a Cloud, Japanese, Sixteenth Century, Courtesy of Yamanaba