Exhibition of Paintings Selected from the Annual Exhibition of Paintings by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity at the Art Institute of Chicago: Works in Exhibition


Anthony Angarola, Cards at Mme Rose’s

Edith Jane Bacon, A Study

Macena Barton, Poppies

Irene Bianucci, La Pensierosa

Marie Blanke, Wisconsin Farm

Roy H. Collins, Still Life

Todros Geller, Strange Worlds

Edmund Giesbert, A Girl in Red

J. Theodore Johnson, Pont-Neuf, Paris

A. Raymond Katz, Clowns

Edward W. Mathews, Plant

Archibald J. Motley, Jr., Tongues

Charles Edward Mullin, Suburban Garden

George Oberteuffer, Still Life

Karl Oberteuffer, Still Life

Gregory Orloff, Tania in Her Garden

Sam Ostrowsky, Gray Day- Montmartre, Paris

Gregory Prusheck, Still Life

Josephine L. Reichmann, Still Life

Frederick Remahl, Dancing Dolls

Jo Rollo, Giovannina

W. Vladimir Rousseff, In the Garden

Felix Russmann, The North Wind

Flora Schofield, Paris

Harold Schultz, Ephraim, Wisconsin

William S. Schwartz, Glicenstein

Marshall D. Smith, West Van Buren Street

Laura van Pappelendam, Ferns and Arches

Agnes P. van Ryn, Portrait of Virgine

Florence White Williams, Regatta Day

Norman B. Wright, Emily

Jean Crawford Adams, Billy Darling and His Cat

Ivan Albright, Woman