Fifth Annual Exhibition of Modern French Painting, with African Masks: Works in Exhibition


Albert Andre, Vue de St. Saurent

Georges Braque, Pecheuse

Paul Cezanne, Zola and Paul Alexis at Zola’s Home

Marc Chagall, Jar of Tulips

Marc Chagall, Le Lion S’en Allant en Guerre

Paul Charlemagne, Jar of Tulips

J. B. C. Corot, Le Petit Pont Eperon

Hermine David, Une Gare dans le Midi

Edgar Degas, Le Sortie du Bain

Andre Derain, Fruit

Edward Goerg, Nature Morte

Jean B. A. Guillaumin, Paysage

Auguste Herbin, Abstraction

Edward Kotchar, Tete de Cheval

Fernand Leger, Abstraction

Le Prin, Marne

Louis Marcoussis, Nature Morte

Louis Marcoussis, Composition

Albert Marquet, Bosquet Villageois

Jean Metzinger, Le Bilboquet

Amadeo Modigliani, Self Portrait

Jules Pascin, In the Studio

Francis Picabia, Index

Camille Pissaro, Marne at Pontoise

Auguste Renoir, Roumaine

Georges Rouault, Paysage

Gino Severini, Composition

Alfred Sisley, River Landscape

Leopold Survage, Femme a la Fenetre

Leopold Survage, Renetree de la Peche

Leopold Survage, Composition

unknown, Masks, Courtesy of Mr. Harry A. Bigelow

unknown, Masks, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bradley

unknown, Masks, Courtesy of Miss Alice Roullier

unknown, Masks, Courtesy of Mr. John Alden Carpenter

unknown, Masks, Courtesy of The Chester Johnson Galleries