Works Made for the W.P.A. of Illinois by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity: Works in Exhibition


Rainey Bennett, Resting Fawn, Watercolor, Courtesy of Aurora Public Schools

Rainey Bennett, Old Fashioned Picnic, Watercolor

Rainey Bennett, Fantasy, Watercolor

Aaron Bohrod, Greenhouse, Watercolor

Aaron Bohrod, Gray Barn, Watercolor, Courtesy of University of Illinois College of Medicine

Aaron Bohrod, West Side Alley, Watercolor, Courtesy of Evanston Public Schools

Edgar Britton, Flowers with Ferns, Watercolor

Edgar Britton, Foundry, Watercolor, Courtesy of Winnetka Public Schools

Gustaf Dalstrom, Milking Time, Watercolor, Courtesy of Warren Township High School

Gustaf Dalstrom, Horses, Watercolor

Malcolm Hackett, No. 1 Sketch for Mural, “Horse Power”, Watercolor

Malcolm Hackett, No. 2 Sketch for Mural, “Horse Power”, Watercolor

J. Theodore Johnson, Cook Stove, Watercolor

J. Theodore Johnson, Girl Ironing, Watercolor

Hester M. Murray, Playing in the Gutter, Watercolor

Gregory Orloff, Circus, Watercolor, Courtesy of Geneva Public Schools

Paul Robinson, Load of Coal, Watercolor

Lester Schwartz, Rainy Sunday, Watercolor

William S. Schwartz, Mural Sketch of Chicago, Watercolor

William S. Schwartz, Mural Sketch for Lobby of Cook County Nurses Home, Watercolor

Paul Stoddard, The Street Below, Watercolor

Paul Stoddard, South Chicago Street, Watercolor

Joseph Vavak, Water, Watercolor

Joseph Vavak, Dust Storm, Watercolor

Rudolph Weisenborn, Decorative panel, Worker, Oil

Hester M. Murray, Deer in Early Spring, Tempera

Hester M. Murray, Children in the Park, Oil

Elizabeth Colwell, Catskill Mountain Country, Charcoal Drawing

Elizabeth Colwell, Fruit in Window, Charcoal Drawing

Mary Anderson Clark, Figure- Harvest

Boris Gilbertson, Draft Horse, Courtesy of Libertyville Township High School

Rainey Bennett, Mural in Student Nurses Lounge, Cook County Nurses Home

William S. Schwartz, Mural in Lobby, Cook County Nurses Home

Paul Stoddard, Mural in Primary Room, Washington School, Maywood

Gregory Orloff, Decoration for Outdoor Stage, Elgin State Hospital

Edwin Boyd Johnson, Fresco in Entrance, Flossmoor Public School

Olga and Edouard Chassaing, Clay model for Courtyard Fountain, University of Illinois College of Medicine

Olga and Edouard Chassaing, The Fountain in Place, Stone Composition

Emmanuel Jacobson, Mural Sketch of Constellations for Bloom Township High School, Watercolor

Emmanuel Jacobson, No. 1 Sketch of Map of Constellations, Watercolor

Emmanuel Jacobson, No. 2 Sketch of Map of Constellations, Watercolor, Courtesy of University of Illinois College of Medicine

Emmanuel Jacobson, Travel Map for Children, Watercolor

Mary Anderson Clark, Figures- Peace

Vincent D’Agostino, House Boats, Watercolor

Paul Stoddard, Building a New Viaduct, Watercolor