Prints by Old Masters from the Collection of Lessing Rosenwald: Works in Exhibition


Albrecht Durer, Holy Family, 1504, Engraving

Jacobo de’ Barbari, Apollo and Diana, 1504, Engraving

Benedetto Montagna, Holy Family with Shepherd and Two Angels, Engraving

Martin Schongauer, Death of the Virgin, Engraving

Rembrandt Van Rijn, Abraham Francen, Art Dealer, Etching

Anonymous, School of Fontainbleu, after Primticcio, Young Man Drinking Water, Etching

Hans of Essen Ladenspelder, Holy Trinity, Engraving

Albrecht Durer, Holy Trinity, 1511, Woodcut

Israhel van Meckenem, Coat of Arms with a Lion, Engraving

Master H.W.C. Hans von Windesheim, Coat of Arms with a Lion, Engraving

Biblia Pauperum, Baptism of Christ, Pharaoh Sinking, Joshua and Kaleb, 1465, Woodcut

Van Dyck, Van Enden, Hondius, Frans Franck, Engraving and etching

Goltzius, OPieta, Engraving

Martin Schongauer, Two Apprentices Fighting, Engraving

Albrecht Altdorfer, Hercules and Muse, Engraving

Anonymous, Italian, Hercules and Muse, Niello

Albrecht Altdorfer, Rape of a Nymph, Engraving

Peregrino da Cesena, Triumph of Neptune, Niello

Daniel Hopfer, Charles V, Etching

Barthel Beham, Charles V, Engraving

Aldgrever, Mucius Scaevola, Engraving

Lucas van Leyden, The Wife of Potiphar Accusing Joseph, 1512, Engraving

Lucas van Leyden, Mars and Venus, 1530, Engraving

Ugo da Carpi, Sybil after Raphael, Chairoscuro

Marc Antonio Raimondi, Madonna Under Palm Tree, Engraving

Goltzius, Architecture and Medicine, Engraving

Goltzius, The Son of Frisius with Dog, Engraving

Cornelius Visscher, The Rat-Poison Seller, Engraving

Domenico Beccafusi, Christ Disputing with the Doctors, Engraving

Gallot, Life of the Virgin, 7 small etchings

Van der Velda, Buyteweche, The Slaments, Air, Engraving

Callot, Fan with View of Florence, Etching

Ruysdael, The Travellers, Etching

Claude, The Cowherd, Etching

Tiepolo, The Magician, Etching

Rembrandt Van Rijn, The Raising of Lazarus, Etching

Stefano della Bella, Collection of etchings, bound, London 1818

Pieter de Laer, The Horseman, Etching

Jakob Duck, The Rider at the Shore of the Ford, Etching

Laendert van der Koogan, The Board Players, Etching

Wenzel Hollar, The Dance of Death, Etching

Monogramist A.C., Dance of Death, 1562, Engraving

Nicholas de Sone, Cathedral in Rheims

Wenzel Hollar, The Cathedral at Antwerp, Etching