Representative Works by Chicago Artists: Works in Exhibition


Harry Mintz, A Barren Street In Chicago.

Charles Biesel, Stormy Dat, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Biesel.

Frederick Remahl, Ice in Belmont Harbor.

Francis Chapin, Railroad Landscape.

Margo Hoff, The Lovers.

Eleanor Coen, Monday City.

David Bekker, The Last Troubadour.

Max Kahn, Summer Cliffs.

Michael M. Ursulescu, Arrangement in Blue Interior.

Samuel Greenburg, Young Girl Waiting, Courtesy of Dr. and Mrs. Marcus R. Caro.

Rudolph Weisenborn, Air Conditioned.

Flora Schofield, Abstraction.

Harry Brorby, Self Portrait.

Harold Haydon, Metropolis.

Robert Lifvendahl, Artist’s Mother.

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Chi Feb 2, 1943, Courtesy of Mrs. Sybil Moholy-Nagy.

Archibald Motley, Blues.

Ellen Lanyon, The Duck Pond.

James Gilbert, Mary.

Miyoko Ito, Big White Boat No. 2.

June Lukosh, Disrobing.

Jennie Siporin, The Eyes of Mirele.

Aaron Bohrod, Circus Backyard.

Eldzier Cortor, Environment, Courtesy of Mr. Horace M. Cayton.

Shoshannah, Card Game.

Nicola Ziroli, Jungle Bed.

Kenneth Shopen, Departed Glory.

William S. Schwartz, A Cabin in the Mountains.

Frank S. Perri, The Tree.

Richard A. Florsheim, Celebration of Loneliness.

Frank Vavrushka, Still Life With Watermelon.

Kalman Himmel, Landscape With Figure.

Felix Ruvolo, Hybrid.

Charles Seebree, Study, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Kornblith.

Todros Geller, Friday Night.

Briggs Dyer, Daphne.

Gustaf Dalstrom, Back Porch

Mario Ubaldi, Reclining Figure, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Shapiro.

June Ives, The Mystery of Formations.

Margot Beman, The Bath.

Bruce Gordon, Pythoness.