Sculpture and Sculptors’ Drawings: Works in Exhibition


Lili Auer, Twosome, brick.

Lili Auer, Mother and Child, pencil, Courtesy of Mr. Chester M. MacCheaney.

Lili Auer, Sculpture Sketches, pencil.

Nelli Bar, Sitting Nude, bronze.

Nelli Bar, Life Sketch, pencil.

Nelli Bar, Life Sketch, pencil.

Margot Beman, Female Figure, terra cotta.

Margot Beman, Drawing, pencil.

Margot Beman, Drawing, pencil.

Edouard Chassaing, Margot, plaster, Courtesy of Margot Beman.

Edouard Chassaing, Pen Drawing.

Edouard Chassaing, Pen Drawing.

Eldon Danhausen, Torso, black walnut.

John Fabian, Experiment #5, concrete.

John Fabian, Mother and Child, drawing.

John Fabian, Women’s Consciousness, drawing.

Richard A. Florsheim, Mephistropheles, bronze.

Richard A. Florsheim, Head Study, chinese ink.

Richard A. Florsheim, Nude Study, chinese ink.

Si Gordon, Selection and Design, wood.

Si Gordon, Drawing, ink and crayon.

Si Gordon, Drawing, crayon.

Marie Zoe Greene, Mother and Two Sons, polished plaster.

Roy Gussow, Kinetic Nutation #2, plaster and metal.

Roy Gussow, Virtual Volume of K. N. #2, linoleum block print.

Roy Gussow, Indian Theme, casein on cardboard.

Elisabeth Haseltine Hibbard, The Clean Doorstep, terra cotta.

Elisabeth Haseltine Hibbard, Drawing, pen and ink.

Elisabeth Haseltine Hibbard, Drawing, crayon.

Maude Phelps Hutchins, Two Torsos, terra cotta.

Maude Phelps Hutchins, Brown Drawing, chalk.

Alfonso Ianelli, Trophy, copper and lucite.

Alfonso Ianelli, Drawing No. 1

Alfonso Ianelli, Drawing No. 2

June Ives, Continuity, plaster.

June Ives, Form Drawing, pencil.

June Ives, Sculpture Form, pencil.

Sylvia Shaw Judson, Baby, york fossil.

Sylvia Shaw Judson, Plant Forms, drawing.

Max Kahn, Mother and Child, terra cotta.

Max Kahn, Seated Dancer, tusch, Courtesy of Mr. Joseph Shapiro.

Beatrice Kolliner, Torso, terra cotta.

Marion Lukens, Young Girl Dancer, plaster.

Marion Lukens, Figure, pencil.

Marion Lukens, Head, pencil.

Joseph Martinek, The Observatory, plaster.

Joseph Martinek, Sketch, chalk.

Joseph Martinek, Study, pencil.

Abbott Pattison, Reclining Figure, bronze.

Marion Perkins, Ethiopian Awakening, Italian Marble.

Marion Perkins, Drawing for Composition in Copper.

Marion Perkins, Sketch.

Albin Polasek, Madonna, bronze.

John Wallace Purcell, Henry Scandrett, bronze, Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Scandrett.

John Wallace Purcell, Thomas Jefferson, sketch for relief portrait.

Benjamin Spurgeon Roope, Anne, terra cotta.

Hubert Ropp, Torso in Wood, mahogany.

Freeman L. Schoolcraft, Georgia Demos, plaster with metal leaf patina.

Freeman L. Schoolcraft, Volume Study, crayon.

Freeman L. Schoolcraft, Figure Study

Mario C. Ubaldi, The Muse, marble.

Mario C. Ubaldi, Seated Girl, conte crayon.

Jack Weaver, Madonna and Child, walnut.

Jack Weaver, Horses, pencil.

Jack Weaver, Soldiers, ink.

Egon Weiner, Female Torso, New York fossil marble.

Egon Weiner, Study for Sculpture, rembrandt chalk.

Egon Weiner, Study for Composition, Oneness, charcoal.