Early Drawings: Works in Exhibition


George Grosz, Three Costume Plates from Methusalem of Eternal Bourgeois, by Ivan Goll, 1924.

George Grosz, Civil War, 1930.

George Grosz, Couple, 1928.

George Grosz, Laughing Keeps You Young, 1929.

George Grosz, Passing By, 1928.

George Grosz, Head of a Beggar.

George Grosz, Drawing from Ecce Homo, 1919.

George Grosz, Street, 1924.

George Grosz, Dancing, 1926.

George Grosz, Road to the Future, 1930.

George Grosz, Way of All Fresh, 1928.

George Grosz, Portrait Study of a Woman, 1926.

George Grosz, Portrait Study of a Man, 1926.

George Grosz, Lady Hamilton, 1927.

George Grosz, Table Talk, Four Figures, 1929.

George Grosz, Study in Contours of a Nude, 1932.

Adolf Dehn, The Clam House, 1930.

Adolf Dehn, Mother and Daughter, 1922.

Adolf Dehn, God’s in His Heaven All’s Right with the World, 1925.

Adolf Dehn, Italian Gentleman, 1924.

Adolf Dehn, Loge, 1926.

Adolf Dehn, Yvonne Dubri’s, 1928.

Adolf Dehn, Chapric, Fran Barjansky and Lenitska.

Adolf Dehn, Weiner Kaffee Haus, 1923.

Adolf Dehn, Jazz Babies, 1927.

Adolf Dehn, Early Spring in the Park.

Adolf Dehn, Nice Day, 1928.

Adolf Dehn, We Speak English, 1927.

Adolf Dehn, New York Night, 1930.

Adolf Dehn, Dome Terrasse, 1927.

Adolf Dehn, Church in the Valley of the Chevreuse, 1928.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Dream, 1922.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Three Cows and Only One Colt, 1922.

Yasiu Kuniyoshi, Damp Place, 1923.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Weeds and Sun, 1923.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Autumn Plant, 1924.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Fisherman, 1924.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Lady Slipper, 1934.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Sleeping Beauty, 1924.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Calf and His Mother, 1922.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Minister’s Family, 1921.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Fisherman and Son, 1922.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Banana, 1937.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Pears and Banana, 1923.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Still Life, 1923.

Yasui Kuniyoshi, Bather Under Water, 1924.

William Gropper, Stockmarket, 1929.

William Groper, We Demand Work, 1930.

William Gropper, Harry Gropper, 1919.

William Gropper, Thirteenth Street Saloon, 1923.

William Gropper, Young Man, About 32, Having Been Unemployed Several Months, Committed Suicide- Reason Unknown to Police, 1930.

William Gropper, Promenade, 1918.

William Gropper, College Graduate in Big City, 1929.

William Gropper, Chinese Soldier, 1927.

William Gropper, Market Place, Tiflis, 1928.

William Gropper, Another Child, 1919.

William Gropper, Farm for Sale, 1930.

William Gropper, Bakery, 1929.

William Gropper, Sixth Avenue, 1928.

William Gropper, Breaking the Chains, 1918.

William Gropper, Cut Market, 1929.