Group 15 of St. Louis: Works in Exhibition


Hillis Arnold, Stephen being Stoned to Death, ceramic.

Hillis Arnold, Adolescence, ceramic.

Fred Becker, Jam Session II, etching and engraving.

Fred Becker, Insectivore, line engraving.

Edward Boccia, Evening Nudes, oil.

Alice Bunch, Boats Passing, oil.

Paul Burlin, Abstraction, oil.

Fred Conway, The Dreamer, oil.

Belle Cramer, Market Place in Taxco, oil and wax.

Belle Cramer, Mariaches Serenading, oil and wax.

Werner Drewes, Woman Reading, Oil.

Werner Drewes, Desert Flowers, oil.

Werner Drewes, Girl with Turban, oil.

H. Richard Duhme, Peccary, ceramic.

H. Richard Duhme, St. Francis, bronze.

William Fett, Playful Mood, watercolor.

William Fett, Strolling, watercolor and ink.

James Green, Composition, watercolor.

James Green, Composition, watercolor.

Carl Holty, The Bathers, oil.

Kenneth E. Hudson, Holiday with Bicycles, lacquer.

Kenneth E. Hudson, The Return, lacquer.

Martyl, The City, oil.

Estelle Milovich, Composition: The Infant, gouache.

Estelle Milovich, Composition: Figure, watercolor.

Tanasko Milovich, Composition, batik.

Jean Morrison, Flower Objects, oil.

Jean Morrison, Malignant Orange, oil.

Charles Quest, Green and Red Forms, oil.

Charles Quest, Etching Press and Equipment, woodcut.

Charles Quest, Sewing Machine, woodcut.

Aimee Schweig, Still Life, oil.

Aimee Schweig, Still Life with Broken Shell, oil and casein.

E. Oscar Thalinger, Apollo: Primitive, oil.

E. Oscar Thalinger, Windy Harbor, oil.

Walter Barker, Lagoon, oil.

Clark Fitz-Gerald, Mother and Child (2 parts), ligumvitae wood.

Tanasko Milovich, Enchantment, batik.

Clark Fitz-Gerald, Negro Boy, walnut.