Paintings of Greek Landscape by Eight Athenian Artists: Works in Exhibition


D. Braessas, Twilight on the Island of Hydra.

D. Braessas, Arahova.

D. Braessas, Island of Patmos.

D. Braessas, Island of Ikaria.

G. Kosmadopoulos, Fishermen’s Boats.

G. Kosmadopoulos, The Red Tavern.

G. Kosmadopoulos, An Island Windmill.

G. Kosmadopoulos, The Poplar Trees.

S. Meliades, The Seashore.

S. Meliades, Sailboats on the Seashore.

S. Meliades, Lefkandra of Mykonos.

S. Meliades, Island of Hydra.

J. Schina, Calderimi of Island of Naxos.

J. Schina, Back View of Acropolis.

J. Schina, An Isolated Sanctuary.

J. Schina, Pathway on the Island.

E. Stathopoulou, Soudena Kalavryta.

E. Stathopoulou, Corthion of the Island of Andros.

E. Stathopoulou, Karpenisi.

E. Thomopoulos, Grand Canal of Venice.

E. Thomopoulos, Fishermen’s Boat on the Island of Hydra.

E. Thomopoulos, Winter in the Greek Mountains.

E. Thomopoulos, The Old Shepherd.

E. Thomopoulos, A Village House.

E. Thomopoulos, The Acropolis.

E. Thomopoulos, Grandpappy.

E. Thomopoulos, The Shepherd at Rest.

E. Thomopoulos, After a Rainy Fall.

E. Thomopoulos, The Vlaha.

E. Thomopoulos, The Village Fruit Market.

E. Thomopoulos, The Shepherd’s Repast.

E. Thomopoulos, Trikala if Corinthias.

E. Thomopoulos, The Village of Maid’s Day Dreams.

E. Thomopoulos, The Mountain Girl and Her Turkey.

M. Verdesopoulou, Island of Patmos.

M. Verdesopoulou, Island of Ikaria.

M. Verdesopoulou, Kiveri of Argos.

M. Verdesopoulou, Kiveri of Argos.

P. Vyzantios, The Fishermen.

P. Vyzantios, After the Fishing.

P. Vyzantios, The Blessing of the Sponge Boats.

P. Vyzantios, Island of Hydra.