An Exhibition in Memory of Elinor Castle Nef: Works in Exhibition


Man Ray, Portrait of Elinor Castle Nef, Paris, 1926.

Eve Watson Schutze, Portrait of Elinor Nef, 1914.

Vanessa Bell, Sketch for Painting in the “Queen Mary”, oil.

Georges Braque, Still-life, color lithograph.

Marc Chagall, Mother and Child, gouache.

Marc Chagall, Jewish Festival, gouache.

Hermine David, Cafe, etching, drypoint.

Andre Derain, Vase de Fleurs, oil.

Andre Derain, Bowl and Pitcher, oil.

Andre Derain, Portrait de Madame C., oil.

Andre Derain, Buste de Femme, oil.

Andre Derain, La Greque, oil on wood panel.

Andre Derain, Profile, oil.

Raoul Dufy, Le Train Bleu, water color.

Raoul Dufy, Longchamps, water color.

Raoul Dufy, Le Cirque, water color.

Raoul Dufy, Collines de Provence, water color.

Raoul Dufy, Machine in a Field, lithograph.

Raoul Dufy, Venus, etching.

George Grosz, In the Drawing Room, brush and ink.

George Grosz, Street, lithograph.

Jean Hugo, Gouache.

Wassily Kandinsky, Design in Color, color lithographs.

Le Corbusier, Pastel.

Fernand Leger, Water Color, 1943.

Henri Matisse, Nude, lithograph.

Henri Matisse, Head, lithograph.

Henri Matisse, Odalisque, lithograph.

Jules Pascin, Havana, drawing, pen and ink and water color.

Jules Pascin, Negro Mammies, drawing, pencil and water color.

Jules Pascin, Reclining Woman, pastel.

Jules Pascin, The Speakeasy, drawing, pencil.

Jules Pascin, The Handsome Barber, drawing, pen and ink and water.

Jules Pascin, Two Nudes, crayon drawing.

Jules Pascin, Figure, lithograph.

Pablo Picasso, Seated Woman, 1924, gouache.

Pablo Picasso, Collage.

Pablo Picasso, L’homme a la Guitare, etching.

Pablo Picasso, Profile Simltanee, 1925, lithograph.

Pablo Picasso, Les Pauvres, 1905, etching.

Pablo Picasso, The Frugal Repast, 1904, etching.

Pablo Picasso, Femme Couchee, lithograph, signed, 50 imp.

Pablo Picasso, Tete de Femme, etching.

Pablo Picasso, Trois Femme Nues.

Pablo Picasso, La Famille de L’Arlequin, 1905, etching.

Pablo Picasso, The Bath, 1905, drypoint.

Georges Rouault, From the Series “La Petite Banlieue”, etchings.

Dunoyer de Segonzac, Landscape, drawing, ink.

Dunoyer de Segonzac, Paysage, landscape.

Dunoyer de Segonzac, Two Trees, oil.

Paul Signac, Les Audeleys, water color.

Laura van Pappelendam, Elinor at Her Desk “Sitting here at his old family secretary…”, oil.

Laura van Pappelendam, John in the Living-room, oil on gesso ground.

Laura van Pappelendam, Elinor; Unfinished Portrait, egg tempera with gold leaf.

Maurice de Vlaminck, Entrée de Village, color lithograph.

Georges Rouault, Self Portrait, lithograph.