The Artist Looks at the Scientist’s World: Works in Exhibition


D. Jerome Fisher, Department of Geology, University of Chicago, Model of crystal structure of the mineral apophyllite.

David Harker, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Model used in crystal structure determination: Patterson plot of ribonuclease II.

Donald Graf, Illinois Geological Survey, Model of crystal structure of calcium carbonate.

Lothar Meyer, Institute for the Study of Metals, University of Chicago, Model of atomic layers in graphite crystal.

Brush Laboratories Company, Crystals of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate grown in the laboratory, with traces of chromium (greenish) and manganese (brownish).

Brush Laboratories Company, Large crystal of Rochelle Salt.

Brush Laboratories Company, Artificial quartz crystals, (A) Single crystal weighing over two lbs, (B) Group of small crystals including a spherical quartz seed and grain grown from it.

K. K. Ikeuye and Betty Nielsen, Institute for the Study of Metals, Crystals of aluminum, copper and brass, etched.

William B. Johnson, Atomic Power Division, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Crystals of zirconium grown by the iodide process.

E. R. Parker and co-workers, Department of Metallurgy, University of California, Crystal of zinc grown in spherical molds, etched.