Wendell Castle, Wharton Esherick, Samuel Maloof, Marcelo Grassmann: Works in Exhibition


Wendell Castle, Desk and Chair, Vermillion wood.

Wendell Castle, Zebra Table, zebra wood.

Wendell Castle, Foot Locker, rosewood.

Wendell Castle, Zebra Chair, zebra wood.

Wendell Castle, Walnut Chair, walnut.

Wharton Esherick, 3-ledge Library Ladder.

Wharton Esherick, Music Stand, cherry wood.

Wharton Esherick, High Stool.

Wharton Esherick, Low Stool.

Wharton Esherick, Hickory Chair, leather laced seat.

Wharton Esherick, Round Walnut Dining Table, 5’ diameter.

Samuel Maloof, Settee, walnut, covered in Alice Parrot fabric.

Samuel Maloof, Music Rack, ebony and walnut.

Samuel Maloof, Small pedestal table, walnut.

Samuel Maloof, Small chair, walnut.

Samuel Maloof, Bench, walnut, with leather woven seat.

Samuel Maloof, Bench, walnut, with black leather.

Samuel Maloof, Chest of drawers, rosewood.