Constance DeJong: Candle Night Radios Insomnia


Constance DeJong is a New York-based artist, writer, and performer for whom language and time, and experiences of the two unfolding together, are at the core of her practice. From her celebrated 1975 experimental novel Modern Love (reissued last year by Primary Information/Ugly Duckling Presse) to more recent works like 2018’s Nightwriters, DeJong complicates traditional paradigms, from literary structures and chronological flow to representations of gender and sexuality.

For the opening of Let me consider it from here, DeJong presents Candle Night Radios Insomnia, a performance of four nocturnal narratives. “It’s always night, the night is place and state of mind and a sender-receiver ready zone for the person out night walking, frequency hopping. And for the sleepless person in bed, a candle burns, emitting presences, attracting visitors across centuries, keeping time — an inch is an hour on the candle clock.”