German Expressionism/ Neo-Expressionism

  • Mon, May 21–Mon, Jun 4, 1984
    (This event has already happened.)

    All films will be shown in Room 157 of the Cochrane-Woods Art Center, 5540 S. Greenwood, beginning at 8:00 pm.

    A three-week long series of German films designed to capture the political, social, and aesthetic sensibilities expressed in the exhibitions German Neo-Expressionist Graphics at the Renaissance Society and An alle Kunstler! War-Revolution-Weimar at the David and Alfred Smart Gallery. The films from the 1920s are silent with English subtitles. Those shown under the category of “New Objectivity” will be preceded by short documentaries made during the last years of the Weimar Republic.

    GERMAN EXPRESSIONIST FILMS: Monday, May 21: * The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 1919, Robert Wiene, b/w, 50 min., subtitles * Die Hintertreppe (The Backstairs), 1921, Leopold Jessner, b/w, 43 min., subtitles

    Wednesday, May 23: * Der Golem, 1920, Henrick Galeen, b/w, 72 min., subtitles

    FILMS OF NEW OBJECTIVITY: Wednesday, May 30: * Dem Deutschen Volke, (To the German People), Election film by the SPD for the Reichstag elections of May 1928, 11 min., montage and animation * Menschen Untereinander (People Side-by-Side), 1926, Gerhard Lamprecht, b/w, 90 min., silent

    Thursday, May 31: * Volk und Fuhrer (The People and their Leader), propaganda film by the NSDAP with a speech made by Adolf Hitler on April 4, 1932, 5 min., sound * Hitlerjungend in den Bergen (Hitler Youth in the Mountains), promotional film of the NSDAP made in summer, 1932, 24 min., sound * Wie der Arbeiter Wohnt (How the Worker Lives), documentary film by the SPD about the plight of workers in Berlin in 1932, Slaten Dudow, 12 min., silent * Kuhle Wampe (Who Owns the World), 1932, Slaten Dudow, script by Bertolt Brecht and Ernst Ottwald, music by Hans Eisler, b/w, 75 min., subtitles

    FILMS BY CONTEMPORARY GERMAN ARTISTS: Monday, June 4, and Wednesday, June 6: * Prometheus, Georg Baselitz, 16 mm film * Standart-Film, 1970, A.R. Penck, 16 mm film