Filling the Cube

  • Tue, Jul 13, 1976
    (This event has already happened.)

    FILLIING THE CUBE: The piece was conceived to discover the association of what the cube will receive as a physical space in terms of individuals. How many individuals would it take to fatally displace the emptiness (volume) of the space? I decided that it would take 45 people by using myself and a friend as human measure within the space.

    Luckily one day a group came by the cube site (Western Skies #3, Scarsdale, New York.) Taking advantage of their presence, I asked them if they would participate in the idea. There were exactly 45 people in the group. Everyone pressed in tightly. The compression was very great and nine more could have been packed in. The feeling of density to the occupants and visually was a part of the volume experience.

    IN AND OUT OF THE CUBE BLINDFOLDED: Here is the association of self to a space. The self is the ultimate object of measure for his space. When removed, the persons’s presence may be felt. The cube is animated by who was there. The blindfold present the physical condition in isolation. The blindfold also present the psychological inner space of the occupant.

    —Freya Hansell, July 1976