May 7–Jun 16, 1943

George Josimovich, Max Kahn, Eleanor Coen, Mario Ubaldi, Emmanuel Viviano, and Freeman Schoolcraft

From the exhibition announcement:

The Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago invites members and their guests to the opening of an exhibition of

paintings in oil by George Josimovich watercolors and guaches by Max Kahn Color lithographs by Eleanor Coen Sculpture by Mario Ubaldi Emmanuel Viviano and Freeman Schoolcraft

Friday evening, May 7, from 8:00 until 10:00 P.M. Refreshments The exhibition will be open to the public through June 16, daily except Sunday, 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. after June 1 108 Goodspeed Hall 1012 East 59th Street

Forward from the exhibition catalogue, written by President Sydney B. Snow:

Since 1915 the Renaissance Society has provided exhibitions and other opportunities for enjoyment and appreciation of the arts to members of the University of Chicago and to many all over the city, who are alert to such interests. Those who have followed the Society’s programs during the years have not only found them a present enjoyment but a guide to better understanding of the trends of art in America. Its occasional publications have been stimulating and informing; some of them have permanent value.

Openings have been addressed by Professor Fay-Cooper Cole (Northwest Pacific Indian Art), Professor Ulrich Middeldorf (Self-Portraits) and Mrs. Katherine Kuh of the Art Institute (Spanish-Colonial Design of the Southwest).

In addition to the exhibits, the Society sponsored a dance-lecture by Miss Sybil Shearer and a lecture by Professor David Daiches on Literature and the Criticism of Art.

The usefulness of continuing such activities and fostering such interests as these, even in time of war, needs hardly to be questioned. We of the Renaissance Society regard it as a contribution to morale. We invite all who share these interests to help in the continuation of our activities during 1943-44.


George Josimovich George Josimovich was born in Mitrovica, Srem, Jugoslavia. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, with George Bellows and Randall Davey and painted in Paris, where he had a one-man exhibition at the Galerie D’Art Contemporain. Other one-man exhibitions were held at Knoedler’s Chicago Gallery and the Chicago Woman’s Aid. He has exhibited at the Carnegie International, Chicago Art Institute Annual and Chicago and Vicinity exhibitions, the Toledo Art Museum and various other exhibitions. He was awarded Silver Medal by Chicago Society of Artists in 1929.

Max Kahn Max Kahn was born in Slonim, Russia. He studied sculpture in Paris, under Bourdelle and Despiau, lithography at the Art Institute of Chicago, under Francis Chapin, and has worked in New York City and in Mexico.

He has won prizes at the San Francisco Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Philadelphia Color-Print Society and is represented in the collections of Lessing Rosenwald, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Pennsylvania Museum.

Eleanor Coen Eleanor Coen was born in Normal, Illinois, in 1916. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago under Anisfeld, and worked in Chicago until 1941 when she won a James Nelson Raymond Traveling Fellowship at the Art Institute which enabled her to spend a year in Mexico. She worked there in the Talier Graphica with a group of Mexican artists which included Alfredo Zalce, Leopoldo Mendez and Pable O’Higgins.

She has won a purchase prize at the San Francisco Museum, and is also represented in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Mario Ubaldi Mario Ubaldi was born in Wyoming in 1012. He studied at the Industrial Museum in Rome, Italy, and has exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago in the Chicago and American exhibitions since 1937, in the New York World’s Fair, private galleries, and has had a one-man exhibit in New Orleans. He is represented in private collections and in the International Business Machine Company’s “Sculpture of the Western Hemisphere” exhibit, At present he is an instructor of sculpture at Hull House Art Center, Chicago.

**Emmanuel Viviano ** Emmanuel Viviano was born in Chicago in 1907, of Italian parentage. After graduating from technical course in Austin High School, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.

He is serving in the Signal Corps of the United States Army, now stationed in Hawaii.

His work in sculpture is included in the collections of Mrs. Sylvia Shaw Judson, Mrs. Arthur Lowenstein, Mrs. Lee Jerrems and Mrs. John Stephen, and has been exhibited, as well as water-colors and drawings, in Chicago, American, and International watercolor Exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago, The New York and San Francisco World’s Fairs, and Katherine Kuh Gallery.

Freeman Schoolcraft Freeman Schoolcraft was born in 1905 in Kalamazoo, Michigan and at the age of seventeen came to Chicago to live and study at the Art Institute of Chicago and in France, Belgium, Germany and Italy, followed by an extensive travel in the United States and in Mexico.

He has exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Whitney Museum, the San Francisco Museum, and the Illinois State Museum at Springfield. He received a United States Treasury Award for a series of life-sized figures in limestone for the courthouse and Post Office in Peoria, Illinois, and is also represented by work in many private collections.