Dec 8, 1937–Jan 8, 1938

Florence Robinson

From the exhibition catalogue:

The late Florence Robinson was a water-colorist of international reputation, an exhibitor at many museums both in America and Europe. She is represented in the permanent collections of the State of France in the Luxembourg, Harvard University, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Hispanic Museum New York, Cleveland Art School. She was commissioned to paint many distinguished American gardens, including those of Mrs. E. H. Harriman, Mrs. J. P. Morgan, Mrs. H. H. Rogers, Mrs. John Hayes Hammond, and others.

Critics were unanimous in praising both her taste and her technique, which at times amounts to virtuosity.

The pictures come to the Renaissance Society directly from a memorial exhibition at the gallery of Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan in New York. They belong among the higher values of American painting on their technical worth alone.

From “New York Times” “Miss Roninson’s work is very serious and very sparkling. She has the witty touch that often conceals profundity of thought. The more ambitious pictures have sound quality and genuine charm, and the sense of light sifting through foliage and striking on blank walls is given with unusual success. The painter achieves a certain depth not often found in combination with the liveliness of pure water color. It is refreshing to come upon an exhibition of thoroughly competent work.”

From “New York Tribune”- Royal Cortissoz “Miss Robinson’s water colors are agreeably vivacious notes of travel, made with a true understanding of a difficult medium. This artist knows how to collect picturesque motives and how to give them their value without undue emphasis. The staccato notes in her sunlit subjects are deftly and justly stated- a fact which we have notes with special appreciation where she has sketched architecture. The character of the given building is rightly expressed, instead of being sacrificed to the romantic pictorial effect so often sought by workers in this field.”

From “Boston Herald”- Phillip L. Hale “Miss Robinson has at least two qualities which distinguish her work from that of many modern water-colorists. She draws well, she knows how to avail herself of some of the distinguishing of water-color paintings so as to gain brilliancy of effect. There is something quite original about In Front of the Salute, Venice. As to Etude it somehow suggests Zorn. A Garden Walk, Rome has something of the charm that triste old gardens exhale: and as to On the Lagoons there is something of Harpignies about it.”