Apr 18–Apr 30, 1926

First Annual Student Art Exhibition

From the exhibition catalogue:

The Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago was formed in the spring of 1915 as a society devoted to providing influences that will contribute to the cultivation of the arts and the enrichment of the life of the community. During the eleven years of its existence, the Society has carried out these expressed purposes by means of lectures, nearly all illustrated; by exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, prints manuscripts, books and other objects of beauty and historical interest; by special visits to studios, to the Art Institute, and to private collections in the city; and by encouraging gifts to the University of works of art or of funds for their purchase. The most notable presentation of this year was an exhibition on March seventh of rare Chinese paintings from the collection of Mr. Loo Ching-Tsai, of New York. The Socity cordially extends a welcome to membership to all friends and members of the University.

The Art Club is an organization of students in the Department of Art for the purpose of stimulating interest in the arts and to band together in a bond of fellowship those who are interested in the department. This is the first exhibition of student work that has ever been attempted by an organization in the department, and is an example of the interest of the members and the scope of the Club.

Committee of Exhibition: Ruth Aley, Chairman, Mark Coyne, George Downing, Antoinette Forrester, Paul Keller, Alma Plum, Victoria Smith, Gertrude Solenberger, Francis Twells, Isabelle Williams, Siegfried Weng

Jury on Entries in the Student Exhibition: Mr. Walter Sargent, Chairman, Mr. Edward Rothschild, Paul Keller, Victoria Smith, Miss Laura Van Pappelendam

The Committee wish to thank the following people for their advice, assistance and co-operation: Mr. Von Ogden Vogt, Mr. Walter Sargent, Mr. William Mather, Mr. William G. Whitford

The exhibition is divided into two sections: Class-room work of the Department of Art for the autumn and winter quarters of this school year; and the work submitted by any undergraduate, graduate or alumnus of the University, or by any member of the Renaissance Society.

Class Work Exhibit: Advanced Painting—Instructor, Mr. Sargent Design 220 —Instructor, Miss Hazeltine Minor Arts—Instructor, Miss Williams Color 216 — Instructor, Mr. Sargent Figure Composition 212—Instructor, Miss Van Pappelendam Design 221—Instructor, Miss Van Pappelendam The figure compositions are designed with no reference to models. There are no life drawing classes in the department.