First Annual Student Art Exhibition: Works in Exhibition


Ruth Aley, The Mind, 1926

Isabel Bates, Mephiste, 1926

Mildred Bateson, Vase, 1926

Mildred Bateson, Flower Bowl, 1926

Rachel Beiser, Carvings in Soap, 1926

Rachel Beiser, Plaster Plaque, 1926

Lester Beall, Portrait, 1926

Hermina Biba, Plaque, 1926

Elizabeth Colwell, Contemplation, 1926

Elizabeth Colwell, Open Window, 1926

Elizabeth Colwell, Bathers, 1926

William Cotant, Oil Painting, 1926

Mark Coyne, Marine, 1926

Mark Coyne, Charcoal Portrait, 1926

Helen Crews, Landscapes, 1926

George Downing, Landscape, 1926

Owen Fairweather, Bust of Lincoln, 1926

Agnes Gale, Deserted Garden, 1926

Agnes Gale, Boats, 1926

Agnes Gale, Blue Morning 1926

Joseph Gillespie, Bas-Relief, 1926

Joseph Gillespie, Carvings in Marble, 1926

Joseph Gillespie, Endymon, 1926

Grace Haynes, Collection of Pen and Ink Drawings, 1926

Paul Keller, Fate, 1926

Gessie Koessler, The Sketching Class, 1926

Gessie Koessler, Gloucester Harbour, 1926

Dorothy La Salle, Six Water Colors, 1926

Edward Laning, Crayon Drawings, 1926

Robert Lowry, Chinese Head, 1926

Robert Lowry, Still Life, 1926

Robert Lowry, Decorative Plaque, 1926

Robert Lowry, Still Life, 1926

Charlotte Millis, Death Mask of Keats, 1926

Charlotte Millis, Head of Baby, 1926

Susan W. Peabody, The Letter Writer, 1926

Susan W. Peabody, Mexican Boy, 1926

Orille Rhoades, Application of Block Prints, 1926

Josephine Robinson, Pottery, 1926

Walter Sargent, Impressions, 1926

George Savidge , Application of Block Prints, 1926

Eva Watson Schutze, Dahlias, 1926

Eva Watson Schutze, Sunlight and Shadow, 1926

Victoria Smith, Decorative Design, 1926

Victoria Smith, Pencil Drawings, 1926

James Tselos, Copy of La Belle Italiena, 1926

James Tselos,Charcoal Drawings, 1926

James Tselos, Cast of President Wilson, 1926

Laura Van Pappelendam, Sunburnt Hills in Shadow, 1926

Ann Van Nice, A Class, 1926

Ann Van Nice, E 11, 1926

Ann Van Nice, State Street, 1926

Siegfried Weng, Charcoal Drawings, 1926

Siegfried Weng, Portrait of My Father, 1926

William G. Whitford, Pottery, 1926

Isabelle Williams, The Harbour, 1926

Theodore Yung, Portrait of a Woman, 1926

Lester Beall, Landscape, 1926

Paul Keller, The Safe Harbour, 1926

Fred Handschy, Drawing used in University Publications