Apr 18–Jun 12, 1966

Thirty Artists from Italy

From the press release:

This exhibition includes paintings, sculpture, and graphics by 30 artists currently working in Italy. Graphics by Campigli, Afro, Guttoso, Marini, and Emilio Greco; sculpture by Macri, Haru Onada, and Georges Dyens, and paintings by Mirko, Vieri Vagnetti, Angelo Marconi, and Renato Cristiano, though diverse in style, are united in their fine quality. Classic and Italian elements provide common denominators: old walls and worn surfaces, landscape, the catacombs, and the light of Italy.

The exhibition was organized by Galleria Schneider, Rome. Its showing at the Renaissance Society was arranged by Mrs. Marianne Herstein.

No photographic documentation of this show exists.