May 12–Jun 21, 1969

19th Century French Cartoons and Ligature '68

Max Kahn, from Ligature.

  • Max Kahn, from Ligature.

  • Nancy Schulson, from Ligature.

  • Max Kahn, from Ligature.

  • Al Lunak, from Ligature.

  • Nick de Matties, from Ligature.

  • Misch Kohn, from Ligature.

  • From the press release:

    French cartoons reflecting 19th century political commentary will share an exhibition with the work of contemporary artists in Ligature ‘68, a prints-and-poetry portfolio.

    Most of the 50 cartoons relate to political policies during Louis Phillipe’s reign as King of France (1830-1848.) Many are anonymous and some were done for a periodical, La Caricature. Among known artists, Grandiville is responsible for several to be shown, and others are by Charlet. This 19th century cartoon collection was obtained by the late Paul Moses, who was Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Chicago from 1962-1966, and purchased with funds given to the University’s Art Department by the Kress Foundation.

    Each of the original pieces in Ligature—prints, lithographs, drypoint and some mixed media—is an interpretation of a poem selected by the poet for the cooperative portfolio published in limited edition late last year. For example, Max Kahn illustrated a poem by Karl Shapiro, and Misch Kohn a poem by John F. Nims. Other artist/poet combinations are Al Lunak/Robert Bly; Stanley Rosenthal/W.D. Snodgrass; Nancy Schulson/X. J. Kennedy; Martin Hurtig/Lucien Stryk; Keith Achepol/Jim Tate; Nick deMattied/Dave Etter; Lois Nowicki/James Wright; and Al Mullen/Donald Hall.