Max Ackermann (pdf)

Max Ackermann, 1969

86 pages, 15 color and 73 black and white illustrations, paperback

Born in 1887, Ackerman was part of the generation of artists who came of age in the heady days of early Modernism. He shared the utopian hopes of his peers for “the experiment begun in order to purify the means of expression”, as Dieter Hoffman calls abstraction, or “non-objective” painting, in his introduction. This catalogue was published in conjunction with the artist’s1969 exhibition at The Renaissance Society, when he was 82 years old. It contains 15 full page color reproductions of the artist’s highly colored abstractions, each accompanied by a short analysis by Dieter Hoffman of its formal qualities and its place in the artist’s entire oeuvre, as well as numerous smaller black and white reproductions. The catalogue also includes an extensive, detailed personal biography of the artist.