Commemorative Exhibition from the Martin A. Ryerson Collection: Works in Exhibition


Segna Buonaventura, b.1298 d.1331(?), Madonna Enthroned with Saints and Donors, Sienese

Niccolo di Pietro Gerini, b.1368 d.1415, Madonna and Child, Florentine

Allegretto Nuzi, d.1374, Christ on the Cross, Florentine

Francesco Botticini, b.1446 d.1497, Adoration of the Kings, Florentine

Jacob Cornelio van Amsterdam, b.1470(?) d.1533, Virgin and St. John, Dutch

Giovanni Battista Utili da Faenza, b.15th century d.16th century, *Madonna with Child and Angel, Florentine

Bartolommeo di Giovanni, Late 15th century, Birth of St. John the Baptist, Florentine

Giovanni Maria Chiodarola, b.15th century d.16th century, Madonna and Child, Bolognese

Camille Corot, b.1795 d.1875, View of Genoa, French

Alexandre Decamps, b.1803 d.1860, Kiosque en Orient, French

Narcisse Virgilio Diaz, b.1807 d.1876, The Pet Spaniel, French

Edouard Manet, b.1832 d.1883, Jeune Femme au Chapeau Ronde, French

Edgar Degas, b.1834 d.1917, La Toilette, Pastel, French

Paul Cezanne, b.1839 d.1906, Une Rue a Pontoise, French

Paul Cezanne, b.1839 d.1906, Landscape, Water Color, French

Odilon Redon, b.1840 d.1916, Femme dans les Fleurs, Pastel, French

Auguste Renoir, b.1841 d.1919, Au Piano, French

Auguste Renoir, b.1841 d.1919, Jeune Fille Assise, French

Arthur B. Davies, b.1862 d.1928, Silver Springs, American

Arthur B. Davies, b.1862 d.1928, Dirge in Spring, American

Albert Andre, b.1869, By the Sea, French

Kenneth Hayes Miller, b.1876, The River, American

Maurice Vlaminck, b.1876, The Mill, French

T. Fugita, b.1886, Water Color on Gold, Japanese

Piero Pollaiuolo, School of Botticelli, Madonna with Two Angels