The Seductiveness of the Interval: Works in Exhibition


Stefan Constantinescu, Troileibuzul 92, 2009, RED ONE transferred to DVD, 8 min., Courtesy of the artist, in association with IASPIS Production company:Comitetul Central Studio.

Stefan Constantinescu, Passagen, 2005, Betcam SP transferred to DVD, 62 min., Courtesy of the artist.

Andrea Faciu, EXUBERANTIA suspended, 2009, Mixed media installation (irrigation system, plants, audio system, speakers, Dimensions variable, Courtesy of the artist.

Ciprian Muresan, Auto-da-Fe, 2008, 3-channel slide projection, 154 slides, Courtesy of the artist and Andreiana Mihail Gallery, Bucharest, and Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles.

Ciprian Muresan, Dog Luv, After a screenplay by Saviana Stanescu 2009, Video, HD, 30 min., 56 sec., Courtesy of the artist and Plam B Gallery Cluj/Berlin.