Hung Q. Tu

  • Sun, Nov 18, 2012
    (This event has already happened.)

    Cobb Hall Room 409

    Born in Vietnam and raised in San Diego, Tu is the author of two highly praised volumes, Verisimilitude (Atelos Press) and Structures of Feeling (Krupskaya press). According to poet Rodrigo Toscano, Tu’s poetic modules are not “pieces” in the traditional sense that is, thematically staged, subjectively actored, and assumedly audienced, they are more like an intelligent arraying of graffiti that you’d run into in a modern city’s sub-throughway, perhaps a bit run-down, but with a shiny glass building across the street, that is, a city intra-imperialized in every way, its complicit fractals, its bio-bit patois scrawled all about. If that eloquent description/testimonial doesn’t move you to put this event on your calendar then there is no hope.